All About Quinley

Our First Days

We brought Quinley home on January 8, 2011 and since then I’ve tried to take as many pictures of her as possible because they grow so quickly.  As you can see, she wasn’t small for very long. Here she is at 8 weeks. I remember holding her in one arm as I made coffee the morning after we got her. She was so scared away from her 7 brothers and sisters and all she wanted to do was be in my arms off the ground. I couldn’t carry her like that for very long… but she quickly figured out she had me wrapped around her little paw.

Ten Weeks
Look at how cute our little Pupp-Awg is. Here she is at 10 weeks getting her nails filed for the first time.

There was a time when during the first few weeks after we adopted Quinley where we started calling her “Devilina” because she was very aggressive with biting and she had a terrible case of separation anxiety, which made getting anything done work wise nearly impossible. Here are some pictures from that time. Doesn’t she look like she just wants to eat right through anything? She kind of looks possessed!

Ah yes, and the horn-like hair between her eyes helped the name along as well. “Devilina” for sure!

Three Months
At 3 months old my parents had some Monarch Butterflies they were using for one of the classes they were teaching so we took some of them out to take pictures with little Quinley. Aren’t these adorable?

I wish she would have stayed this size for a little longer. It felt like I blinked and she went from little to big in 60 seconds. These next couple of pictures of Quinley she looks like a Teddy Bear!

Four Months
From just a little puppy she learned to always have something in her mouth. Here she is at 4 months chewing on some grass and of course her favorite puppy toy, Tigre. I think giving her lots and lots of toys prevented us from having anything around the house destroyed. And now…she just knows what’s hers to chew on and what’s not.

Five Months
It’s a common trait for Goldendoodles to lay like this, with their chins smashed to the ground as well as on their backs with their feet up in the air. Here she is at 5 months, getting so big already.

When I was training for the half-marathon I ran last year, Quinley just loved hanging out with my shoes. They must’ve smelled great!

Six Months
At 6 months old Quinley, (Pupp-Awg extraordinaire), looks to be full-grown, doesn’t she? She wasn’t…she continued to grow after this. At this point I believe she weighed 60 lbs and was almost as tall as my parents’ Goldendoodle Ana who is 5 years old. She’s in some of the pictures below. And just look at how long her hair was. These pictures were taken just before we gave her her first hair cut. Also, we were in the process of having our kitchen renovated, which is why there’s construction stuff about in some of the pictures. You can see the remodel start to finish in these posts. Kitchen Before & During Remodel and here’s the Kitchen After Remodel

Here’s our little girl, still at 6 months, but these pictures were taken before and after her first hair cut. I was so scared to take her in and I felt like a parent dropping their child off for the first day of school when I left her. Then, when I went to pick her up, at first I didn’t recognize her and I couldn’t stand the hair cut. Now, I kind of like it short. She looks so dainty!

Before the haircut…

And after!

Here’s a link to a post where in part of it I wrote about her first first visit to the dog park. Seems like such a long time ago. Quinley’s First Visit to the Dog Park 

Nine Months
At 9 months old we took Quinley on our first vacation with her. We went to visit my sister and her husband who live at Lake Tahoe. Here are a few images from that trip. Unfortunately, even though she’s a water dog by nature, we still haven’t gotten her in the water to go swimming. As you can see in some of these pictures, the waves were so big she was a bit scared.

Eleven Months
And here she is at 11 months old. She’s pretty, funny and adorable all at the same time. Also, here’s a link to a post I wrote about the troubles I was having with walking her at that time and how having other dog owners who let their dogs run free around us was driving me crazy! Hey You there, Yeah You with Your Unleashed Dog, Be Kind and Help a Buddy Out.

At around this same time, I noticed Quinley licking her hind paw, constantly. Her licking was so bad, the paw was pretty much drenched from her saliva. So we took her to the vet and found out a foxtail had embedded itself into her back paw, most likely from some dried up plant in our back yard. So, she had to have minor surgery to have the foxtail removed. It was scary, but everything turned out fine.

One Year
In November of 2011 our funny Pupp-Awg turned 1. Here she is with her best friend Ana at the birthday party we had for her. And here’s a funny post I published about that day. Quinley’s 1st birthday.

Here are a few more images taken within the past few months and two posts related to owning our wonderful crazy Pupp-Awg. The first post is an article I wrote about how I don’t view her as Just a Dog, as some people do. And the other is a tutorial on How to Make a Dog Toy Out of Jersey Material.

And there it is, a little over a year and so much has changed. I’ll be adding more pictures and links here so check back often.

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