Gift Wrapping a Shoe Box + A Cute Gift Decorating Idea

Since sometimes you don’t always have or want to buy boxes for the gifts you are going to give, a perfect solution is to use one of those empty shoe boxes lying around in the bottom of your closet.  But as nice of a fix that this is, you don’t want the person you are gifting to to unwrap your gift and think you got them a pair of Fergie’s shoes…do you?  Of course not, so the answer to that problem is simple…all you have to do is wrap the box itself.


Wrapping a shoe box isn’t as complicated as it looks.  First, gather the supplies you’ll need:

Shoe box

Wrapping paper


Double sided tape

Regular tape



Cut a piece of paper a little wider than the box on all sides.  Then cut into each corner, stopping when you reach the box.



Put a few pieces of double sided tape on the bottom of the box and press down so the box doesn’t slip while you’re wrapping it.



Now just start folding the paper over each side, taping it to the inside of the box as you fold it.



Then follow the same steps for the top and voila, beautifully wrapped gift boxes.



Now, if you still like the idea of having your gift un-wrapped, you can wrap your wrapped shoe box in colored celephane paper like I’ve done below.



Next for the ribbon, or in this case…the decorative string.  I get bored using the same old ribbon and bows so here’s a fun idea using paint chips from your local hardware, paint supply or home improvement store.

The supplies you’ll need for this are:

Paint chips in a few colors you think will go with your wrapping

2 or 3 shape punches 



Super Glue



Punch out a bunch of shapes from your different colored paint chips.



Line out as many strings as you’d like to decorate your gift and place your colored shapes in random patterns on the strings.  Then Super Glue them in place.



After the glue dries, place the string around your gift and there you have it, a fresh way to decorate your gifts.



I hope you enjoyed today’s gift wrapping ideas.  Until next time…

Have a Fab You Bliss day!




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