Make a Holiday Wreath For Next to Nothing

All you need to do is look around your house or yard and there are plenty of things you can turn into a beautiful homemade holiday wreath.  Pretty cool, eh?  In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of the Nate Berkus Show, which unfortunately I just heard is being cancelled.  Why?  I mean, it’s on a 3:00 pm here in Los Angeles when nothing else is on and it provides creative information on everything from fashion, home inspiration, thrifting, food and one of my favorites…re-purposing.  I swear I’ve gotten so many inspirational ideas from the show and basically it is my blog only on TV, which makes me even more sad that it’s going away :-(

So, while a drown a little in my Nate Berkus Show Cancellation Sadness, I had to feature an idea that sparked an idea for me which started from the show.  On Monday, Nate featured a segment on low-budget holiday decorating which basically stated you can decorate with stuff you already have in your house if you think creatively.  There were ideas for a wreath made out of an old book and stuff from around the house and ones made out of sticks from your backyard.  All of them were really cool and inventive so I decided to combine a little  re-purposing with stuff from my backyard and this is what I got.

Technically the only thing I bought to make this was the big red bow which was only 99 cents.  The rest of the items came from in or around our house. So, here’s what I did.

I pulled two wire hangers from The Hubby’s closet, shhh…he won’t miss them 😉



I left one intact but bent it into a crescent shape and the other I pulled apart and re-shaped to create a complete circle between the two by attaching to the crescent one and taping it in place on each side.



Next I pulled out some garland I used for a photo shoot a while back and wrapped the garland around the wire circle.



Then I picked a bunch of non-edible red berries we have growing in our back yard which I thought would work perfect for some color in my wreath.  I arranged the berries and their branches in a pattern I liked and tied them in place with some string.  Once I got the wreath itself looking the way I wanted I added a couple of bows which were left over in our holiday decor box.  Then I purchased the big red bow for 99 cents at the drug store.  And tada…a beautiful wreath made almost entirely from stuff I had around the house.

What do you think?

When The Hubby came home from work he was absolutely shocked I created this pretty wreath from stuff around the house.  I bet you can do it too!

Have a Fab You Bliss day!



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