How To Take 2.5 Yards of Fabric & Get 3 Looks, (Part 3) – How to Make a Pashmina

Wow…here we are at day three already, can you believe it? In case you missed the two previous tutorials, you’ve just come in on the third day of a short series on How to Take 2.5 Yards of Fabric & Get 3 Looks.

Here’s Part1, How to Make an Infinity Scarf and Part 2, How to Make a Long Fashion Scarf. And now we have the final look, How to Make a Pashmina.


Here’s what you’ll need:

2 and 1/2 yards of loosely woven fabric (for all 3 projects) – Fabric should be at least 49 ” wide

Matching thread


Fabric measuring tape

All purpose Pins

Safety Pin

Seam ripper


Step 1:   Take your remaining fabric, (which should be 17 or so inches wide and 90 or so inches long), and follow the same steps as in day 2 up until tying the fringe knots. Today’s knots are going to be a little different, just because 😉

Pashmina 1

Step 2:  Instead of tying two knots in your fringe, with this Pashmina we are going to tie only one in the center of the fringe.

Pashmina 2

Step 3:  And instead of machine sewing a straight stitch along the sides, with this Pashmina you are going to machine sew a zig zag stitch to give it a lovely, clean and finished look as shown below.

Pashmina 3

And presto…we are done! Now you have a pretty Pashmina as well. Isn’t it amazing how well it goes with this dress. Believe it or not this dress has been in my closet for nearly 5 years! Now I have a new reason to wear it again…bonus!!!

Pashmina 6

Pashmina 5

 To recap, here are the 3 looks we achieved with 2.5 yards of fabric, an Infinity Scarf, a Long Fashion Scarf and today’s Pashmina. Pretty cool, eh?

All Three Looks

I hope you enjoyed this short series. I can’t wait to do another one!

Have a Fab You Bliss day!




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