One Can Dream, Can’t she?

If you could see what my craft area looks like right now you’d probably laugh hysterically. Actually, I shouldn’t just say the craft area as my supplies and work area have spread and multiplied like little bunnies all over the house. I’m sure The Hubby is starting to worry he might get swallowed up by Modge Podge, ribbon and sewing supplies…not to mention spray paint, sanding paper, crafting beads, etc! For someone who likes to keep her house as neat as possible, this craft explosion is even starting to scare me.

In my defense, however, there are a few things going on which have made it nearly impossible to get the over-growth under control. But mainly it’s because I always have several projects going on at once. Another reason for Craft-a-Palooza is, my office remodel and the remodel of the pool room, (where the craft area will eventually be), is in a holding pattern indefinitely. So while I might be able to re-claim some of the areas of the house for their intended purpose and relegate all craft supplies back to the un-finished craft area with a thorough cleaning, I can still dream of what I hope one day it will be. Believe me…I do this a lot!

Here are some rooms for inspiration. I love the light in all of them. As a photographer, and crafter, light is super important to me and I think we’re all drawn to areas that have a nice amount of it like these.

Image source

Image source

Image source Richard Landon Design

Image Source  Cote de Texas

Image source Craftaholics Anonymous

Are you drooling like I am? Which look is your favorite?



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