Pretty Handmade Dual Chain & Ribbon Necklace Tutorial

The other day I was playing around with some different chains and ribbon I had in my craft supplies and presto, here’s what came out. Originally my thoughts were to add another element to this. However, my mom stopped and when she saw this piece, she said she thought it was pretty as is and didn’t think it needed anything more. So…since I realized many years ago to always take my mother’s advice, I opted to show it to you as is.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Copper Bead Landing Chain – 96 in / 243.8 cm (you won’t use the whole length)

Copper Bead Landing Chain – 36 in / 91.4 cm (you won’t use the whole length)

Copper Jump Rings in various sizes

Tape Measure

Wire Cutter


Ribbon – 3/4 in width

Fabric Glue



Step 1:   Measure the length of your small chain at 7.5 inches  doubled as shown below or 15 inches single length. Use wire cutter to cut chain.

Step 2:  Measure the length of your large chain at 6.5 inches  doubled as shown below or 13 inches single length. Use wire cutter to cut chain.

Step 3:  Attached the small and large chains together with medium size Jump Rings shown below to determine if the size is right. (Note:  You will remove one of these Jump Rings when you are attaching your ribbon.)

Step 4:  Start weaving ribbon in and out of large chain.

Step 5:  Pull about 6 inches of the ribbon through and cut a separate 6 inch piece of ribbon to tie together for your bow. Tie the bow tight and cut the ends of each side of the bow to suit your style.

Step 6: Remove Jump Ring for other side and cut end of ribbon with about a 1/2 inch extra to fold over chain.

Step 7:  Fold the 1/2 inch extra ribbon over the last chain and use your fabric glue to attach it to the base ribbon.

Step 8:  Re-attach Jump Ring to connect small and large chains.

Step 9:  Adjust bow and anything else and you are done!

There you have it…a pretty piece of jewelry in no time at all.

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