Believe It or Not, These Stylish Bracelets Are Made From Cardboard!

That’s right…cardboard! I used cut up pieces from an empty 12 pack of soda. Are you interested? Yes, then crab some cardboard and thin yarn or embroidery floss and make some of these cuties yourself!

First, I must mention that the final product will not be as solid as hard plastic or metal bangles. No, these pieces will by bendable, but if you use several pieces of cardboard tapped together, they will be more sturdy.  Here’s what you’ll need.

Flexible cardboard (an empty 12 pack container works best)

Embroidery floss, thin yarn or ribbon



Super or Gorilla Glue

Step 1:  Cut your cardboard to whatever size you want your bracelet to be, width and length. Make sure to wrap the cardboard around your wrist and pull it over your hand so the opening is big enough for you to slide it off and on. Cut your ends as close together as possible so you don’t have too much overlap as you want your final taped together piece to be as even and symmetrical as possible.

Step 2:  Use at least two pieces of the exact same size cardboard and tape every inch of them together.

Step 3:  Tape the ends together to form a circle like so.

Step 4:  Pick your floss, yarn or ribbon.

Step 5:  Tape the edge of your floss, yard or ribbon like shown below. If you are using more than one color floss, yarn or ribbon it’s good to tape your material as far to one side or the other a possible because as you move through the project it will allow you to tape your new color as close as possible to where you left off.

Step 6:   When you finish with one color and want to change to another, cut your material close to the inside of the bracelet and tape it on the inside as shown below. Then start your next color right on top of the piece you just taped making sure you cover all the taped pieces once you’re finished.

Step 7:  When you come to your final thread-over, use some Gorilla or Super Glue before you lay down the final thread. Do the same for underneath as well.

And you’re done. I made these on one rainy afternoon and they’re so fun! Super light to wear too…and you know how much I hate jewelry that weighs down 😉

Here are all the pieces I made. Cute, huh?

Give ’em a try and let me know what you think!

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