Do You Love Your Fur Baby As Much As I Love Mine? Then Make A New Bed For Them!

Last time I showed you how to make an easy slip on & off cover for your dog or cat’s bed, now I’m going to show you how to make a new bed from scratch.  If you don’t have the stuffing to make the bed and/or you don’t want to buy some, you can just make the outer piece. That’s the most important piece anyway as the idea is to always be able to wash the outer layer since no matter how clean you keep your pet, it’s going to smell gross after a while if you can’t wash it.

Here’s what you’ll need.

Bed stuffing

Desired fabric for top and bottom of bed

Desired fabric for sides of bed

Desired fabric for piping



Tape measure

Step 1:  After buying a new memory foam bed cover for our guest room bed, we had the previous bed pad left over which wasn’t that old. But, since we don’t have another queen bed, I decided to cut it up and use it to make a bed for Quinley. If you don’t have an extra bed pad or pillows you are willing to cut open, you’ll need to buy enough stuffing to fill your bed to the thickness that you want. There is no exact science behind this, it’s all a matter of preference 😉

Step 2:  Cut 2 pieces of desired fabric for top and bottom of bed. I measured mine to be the exact same size of the bed because after sewing it it will be a tiny bit smaller than the actual bed which will make everything nice and secure and extra fluffy for the baby. Cut 4 pieces of desired fabric for your sides, (fyi…you can also cut one long piece if your material is long enough and you prefer less sewing). Cut 8 1 inch pieces of desired fabric for piping. Again, you can cut 2 long pieces if your fabric is long enough.

Step 3:  Sew the ends of 4 pieces of piping together to make 2 long pieces for the top and bottom edges of the bed. For each piece, fold it in half and sew a straight stitch with the right sides out as shown below.

Step 4:  Using a straight stitch, sew your side pieces together then sew the top piece to the side pieces with the piping facing out in between the two pieces. (fyi…the piping can make it a little more difficult so it’s fine to omit it if you want). Sew the bottom piece to the side pieces leaving one side open for your zipper.

Step 5:  Pin and sew together the bottom piece of the bed to the zipper with the right sides together. Unzip the zipper and pin and sew the other side of the zipper to the piping and side piece of the bed with the right sides together.

Step 6:  Turn bed right side out and pull it over bed or stuff it with your stuffing.

Then hand it over to your fur baby and proudly admire what you accomplished.

As you can see, Quinley’s lovin’ it!


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