12 Captivating Closets To Covet

I am a closet covet-or. Yes…it’s a problem, especially since, (unless we win the lottery or by some miraculous circumstance we have the ability to drastically change the layout of our home), I will never have a lovely closet like the ones below. But that does not mean I cannot dream and hope that maybe…one day…

Ahhh…this gorgeous closet below from Apartment Therapy has it all, pretty colors, lots of clean white shelving, a beautiful mirror and a fab chandelier to top it all off!

 The space below featured by Houzz is definitely a dream…a dream I wish I was in right now! Oh what I would do for this space!

Closet systems are wonderful, don’t you think? The one below featured by Houzz  could definitely work for me, if The Hubby wouldn’t mind me turning one of our extra bedrooms into a closet room. Oh wait, I’ve already done that 😉 Too bad it’s not as organized as this.

Now isn’t this one below from Hgtv just fabulous? Yes, I could live here.

Even a simple closet system like the one below from Better Homes & Gardens is so nice and appealing, don’t you think?

This closet featured by Apartment Therapy sort of reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw’s from Sex & The City

Shoes…lots, and lots, and lots of space for shoes in the closet featured by Apartment Therapy. Another dream….

Ahhh…here we are again with something more realistic from Better Homes & Gardens, but just as pretty.

Can you imagine having a TV in your closet like this one featured on Apartment Therapy?

I love this blue paint color. And it looks lovely in this closet room featured by Hgtv, don’t you think?

Another beautiful closet from Hgtv.

And…we end with this lovely stunner of a closet room from House + Home. Hmm…lovely, simply lovely!

Hope you enjoyed these closets to covet. Which is your favorite?


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