Why Not Try Designing with a Splendid Blue, Brown & Gray Palette?

I’m sure it’ll be no surprise that blue is a favorite color of mine to design with. Clearly that’s obvious just by glancing at a few of  the DIYs posted here as most of them have some sort of blue in them. Even the blog design has a bit of blue in it. Studies show blue is associated with clear thoughts, focus, intellect and communication. In addition, blue is thought to be a calming color as well as being a hue that promotes creativity. Awesome! Now I’m even more happy to have so much blue around me.

As for gray, there’s not a lot of positive things written about any benefits of using the color, mainly siting it’s indecisive nature being that it’s not black and it’s not white. But I find that extremely funny since so many designers love to design with gray. Ultimately I think color design is very personal and you should choose what makes you feel good. For me, I love a palette of blue, brown and gray. Check out these gorgeous rooms below to see why.

 featured by Better Homes & Gardens

 featured by Better Homes & Gardens

 featured by Better Homes & Gardens

 featured by Better Homes & Gardens

featured by Decor Pad

 featured by Decor Pad

 featured by Decor8

 featured by Dering Hall

 featured by West Elm

 featured by Houzz

featured by The Berry

featured by House of Turquoise

As you can see, even just from this small selection of inspiration there are so many ways to express yourself with these colors. So…what do you think? Are you going to give blue, brown and gray a try?

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