Guest Post From Just Wenderful: Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

Hello everyone! I am Rocio from Just Wenderful and I would like to thank Stephanie for having me here today to guest blog. I’m here to share everything that I love about weddings. Since the start of my internship working with Wendy from Just Wenderful I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of weddings. I’ve been able to see the planning, all the details, and the stress that goes on with weddings. The reality is that even with all the madness that goes on, weddings are such a beautiful experience.

What I like about weddings:

1) I absolutely adore seeing the bride & groom so happy, and so in love! The way they look at each other is pure bliss. Weddings are memorable whether it is an intimate or a huge wedding. And I love the mood that the family and friends set for each wedding since they are there to celebrate the union of a lovely couple. The atmosphere that is set by each individual, is what brings a fab wedding to perfection. During weddings, love is in the air!

Image via 75bMedia

Image via The Image Is Found


Image via AnaPaul Photographers

These couples just melt my heart away; the love they have for one another is captured beautifully in each shot. Don’t you agree?

2) In addition to the love that we see in each wedding, I love how each is unique in its own way. Each couple is able to bring their own uniqueness and display it on their special day. All the details that go with planning their event is what makes their wedding perfect for each couple. During our April wedding I was truly amazed how the bride and groom made their wedding unique by making their own choreographed dance. They were so cute and had their own style that made their wedding fabulous. Wish I had the video to show you but needless to say it was amazing and so adorable, their guests loved it.

Image via This Modern Romance

Image via This Modern Romance

3) Lastly, I love weddings with dessert buffets. Aside from event coordinating, baking is a passion of mine; plus I have a sweet tooth so in my opinion a dessert table is perfect for a special day like this. Dessert buffets are a great addition that your guest will enjoy and will look appealing throughout the reception. Can’t say no to a few delectable desserts, right? I know I can’t.

Image via Ditzie Cakes

Image via This Modern Romance

Weddings are such a special day, it bring out pure happiness to family, friends, and the bride & groom. Weddings make me so happy, being a part of the newlyweds special day is what makes my job amazing. I love being there to bring perfection to a blissful day. Now that I’ve shared, what do you like about weddings?

Once again thank you Stephanie for having me guest post for Fab You Bliss. Have a great week everyone!


Thanks Rocio & Just Wenderful for a fantastic post!




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