Wow!!! The Weekend Went By Fast + A Lovely Fort Edmonton Park Engagement Session

Happy Monday everyone! Wow, I can’t believe how fast the weekend flew by. I mean, of course they always go by fast…they’re ONLY two days for Pete’s sake!

But this one flew by in a SUPER-SONIC-SWOOSH! Did you see it fly by? Yup, you too…I thought so 😉

So, yesterday I was in LA at Blue Palms Brewhouse’s 4th Anniversary Party and it was about 108 degrees. Ewww…that’s hot! So damn hot, I didn’t even want to drink any beer. That’s okay though, I’m not much of a drinker these days so I offered to be the “Designated Driver” for the group.

Of course, that is funny in and of itself…have you ever driven 65 miles with three tipsy or possibly completely smashed people? Well, now I can say I have and it is pretty darn funny!

I’m still SUPER tired though. Because of course, we had to stay up and watch the Olympic’s closing ceremony after we got home. So, I’m sitting here typing this in my PJs, rubbing my eyes, drinking my second cup of coffee and hoping you’ll forgive me for being a little late today…luv ya :-)

But I digress, we’re here to talk about today’s lovely engagement session, right?

Rachel and Justin’s engagement session was shot by Erin Walker Photography at Fort Edmonton Park in Alberta, Canada. And what a lovely venue it is! I particularly like this session because of the varied locations they shot in which make for a nice collection of images that don’t all look the same. Good job guys!

So let’s have a look!

Photographer: Erin Walker Photography

Venue: Fort Edmonton Park

Submission via Two Bright Lights

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