A Unique Wedding at Saint Louis Missouri’s City Cottage

Who says you have to wear white on your wedding day. How about a lovely blush pink gown topped off with a black satin belt and fabric flower detail like today’s bride Megan wore? It really is such a pretty option.

Photographed by Under Grace Photo, Megan and Todd were married at Saint Louis, Missouri’s City Cottage surrounded by lots of candles and the cozy warmth of vintage wares, wood floors, brick walls and pretty chandeliers. With a unique venue and pretty details, this intimate wedding was everything Megan and Todd hoped it would be.

Photographer: Under Grace Photo

Venue: City Cottage

Submission via Two Bright Lights

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15 Variations For How To Display Your Beautiful Photography

I’m always fascinated to see how other people display photography in their homes, most especially how fellow photographers do so. As a photographer and closet interior designer, my problem is I have so many ideas for displaying my work and personal images, but never enough enough wall space ūüėČ

Anyone else have this issue?

When my office is finalized, maybe by the end of the year???, I may use a couple of these ideas for inspiration. Which is or are your favorite(s)?

Creative grouping on three shelves –¬†Pottery Barn


Three large images –¬†Eden Lang


Photobooth style images on canvas –¬†The Joneses (Movie Set)


Large images in mosaic on wall –¬†A Yummy Life


Picture¬†molding¬†–¬†Southern Living


Clothes hangers –¬†Apartment Therapy


Instagrams printed into one big picture (MY FAVORITE) –¬†Apartment Therapy


Nice grouping on two shelves –¬†Better Homes & Gardens


Intagrams printed on square canvases –¬†Canvas Pop


Various frames combined with books &¬†memorabilia –¬†¬†Christopher Baker Photography


9 Simply GORGEOUS square prints arranged in a square shape on wall –¬†Tara Whitney


Black & white images in black and white frames on shelves –¬†Bow & Tie


Black and white images in white frames – Samantha Pynn Inc


One big canvas –¬†Sugar Bee Crafts

Multiple size canvases –¬†The Blink Blog


There are so many awesome options to choose from here. I’m definitely planning on doing some big canvases, but I really like the giant picture with all the Instagram shots featured by Apartment Therapy. That seems like such a fun idea rather than just keeping the images in your phone.

What’s your favorite?

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An Intimate Yellow & Gray Mulvaney’s Building & Loan Wedding With Lots of Pretty Details

Because I have the opportunity to see so many fun and unique wedding ideas, I often times find myself imagining my own wedding re-do. Not that mine and The Hubby’s wedding was not good enough…because it really was just perfect. No, I day dream about doing our wedding again because I love all the pretty things that go into a wedding, the details, the party…the absolute loveliness of it all. And today’s bride and groom had plenty of lovely and then some.

Angie and Nick celebrated their union with an intimate ceremony and reception at Sacramento’s Mulvaney’s Building & Loan . But what caught my eye when photographer Stacey Marsh of Lovely You Photography by Stacey Marsh sent me this beautiful wedding was the amazing attention to detail…most especially the Mercury Glass, silver candle holders and silver painted Mason Jars. Mixed in with yellow and gray table runners, burlap and the gorgeous yellow and white hydrangeas, dahlias, roses, Billy Balls and of course I cannot forget to mention the succulents…this wedding is one I’d definitely pattern my own wedding re-do after.

Photographer: Lovely You Photography by Stacey Marsh

Venue: Mulvaney’s Building & Loan

Submission via Two Bright Lights

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Make A New Infinity Scarf From An Old Sweater

The Hubby gave me a couple of his old sweaters a while back in case I wanted to make something out of them. Awe, he’s so sweet…always thinking of me ūüėČ

Anyhow, the sweaters sat in my workroom for months just waiting for me to figure something out. Until yesterday when…(Eureka!)…a brilliant idea struck me like a lightening bolt! Why not turn the sweaters into infinity scarves? And what a simple & great idea it is, don’t you think?

So, if you want to make one too, here’s what to do. PS…you can omit the sewing part if your sweater material doesn’t look like it will fray. Or if you just want to hide your edges by folding it ūüėČ

Step 1: Cut a straight line through both sides of the sweater from armpit to armpit.

Step 2: ¬†Fold over the edge you cut and machine sew to prevent fraying. As mentioned below, if you want to make both edges uniform…cut off the bottom ribbing and machine sew again to prevent fraying.

Step 3:  Fold your piece the way you want it.

Step 4:  Slip over your head or fold over once more for a tighter fit.


Easy peasy…

Let me make a quick mention about fit. The sweater I’ve used here is a men’s Large. I’m a small girl so I folded the scarf one more time around my neck for a tighter fit. If you want a loose fitting scarf that you just toss over your head once, use a smaller sweater. If you want a scarf with more folds, use a bigger sweater. And as always, if you have any questions…please leave a comment or send me an email.

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Low Budget Australian Wedding High in Love, Style & Fun!

In 2011, Australian photographers iZO Photography ran a competition for one lucky couple to win FREE wedding photography coverage and Alicia and Aaron were the happy pair that won! Like many these days, they were on a very tight budget so it helped immensely to have their photography covered at no charge.

Regardless of their tight budget, they managed to make their wedding very memorable with lots of little DIY details and Alicia even let her fun personality shine by wearing a pair of cute Converse with her pretty dress!

With loads of photos taken at a nearby carnival, which suited the bride’s offbeat personality perfectly and a sweet moment of releasing white balloons midway through the ceremony in memory of Alicia’s mother, this this low budget wedding was high in love, style and fun.

Photographer:  iZO Photography

Reception Venue: Mandurah Quay Resort

Dress Store: Zoo Bridal

Submission via Two Bright Lights

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19 Beautiful Must Haves For Your Fall Wardrobe, According To Fab You Bliss

A couple of weeks ago I featured a Fab You Bliss Get Ready For Fall¬†post¬†to gear you all up for the season. And now that we’re into it by a few days, it’s time to throw out my list of Fall wardrobe “Must Haves”. These are of course my ideas of what every girl should have this season. But if you like my blog, then you’ll love these too because they’re definitely all my style.

1.  Feminine Blouse 

In my opinion, every woman should have a gorgeous feminine blouse in her closet for fall like the one featured below . Such an item can be paired with so many things from skirts to slacks and as you can see it works wonderfully with jeans as well too.

2.  Neutral Long Cardigan

A neutral long cardigan is a must have in my opinion. With the weather getting cooler it’s a necessity to have layers handy, but this piece of clothing can be so fashionable too. Personally I’m really loving re-inventing my long cardigans from last season by belting them with several new skinny belts. Love!

Design Chic

3.  Blazer

Every season can use a great blazer in your closet, but in Fall…blazers work¬†exceedingly well. I love to throw on a blazer with a T-shirt underneath and jeans, like below, and top it off with a great scarf or statement necklace. How do you like to wear your blazer?

Artine Blazer 

4.  Belted T-Shirt

I’m so in love with the belting style this year….mainly because it means I can re-invent so many things already in my wardrobe all with the simple use of a belt. How awesome is that?

5.  Maxi Skirt

The Maxi Skirt carries on from spring and summer now into Fall. And like most of you, I’m thrilled with the fact that it’s sticking around! So as the weather cools, wear it with tights and and boots underneath. And be sure to pair it with a belted T-shirt topped off with a blazer like pictured below. It’s FAB!


6.  Polka Dots

Polka dots add a sense of class to any style, don’t you think. I mean seriously, who do you think of when you see polka dots? That’s right, major style icons from back in the day like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Audrey Hepburn. But even current artists like Taylor Swift are taking a cue from them nowadays. Which I think is great. Long live polka dots!

Lipstick, Louboutin’s & Lemon Drops¬†

7.  Over-sized Envelope Bag 

The over-sized envelope bag is hot, hot, hot right now. And why wouldn’t it be with how cute it looks to carry one, right?

 Eyes On Sparrow

8. Thin Belt

As mentioned before, I think the thin belt trend over just about anything is probably my favorite fashion “Must Have”. There are so many outfits I can change up with the simple use of a thin belt. I mean, look at it here with this white shirt, pink sweater and striped skirt. It just goes so beautifully, don’t you think? Love it!

The Day Book

9.  Over-sized Scarf

Ahhh…the over-sized scarf is another style that’s been around for a while because we all love it so much. And truly, what’s not to love when you can bundle yourself up in something soft and cozy, yet still look¬†impeccably¬†stylish, right?

Keiko Lynn

10.  Belted Big Sweater

And here we are again with another belted item. See, there are so many articles of clothing you can use a thin belt to change. One of my favorites is to take a big sweater and belt it. Wear it with tights or skinny jeans and boots and you’ll be sportin’ miles of style!

 Fash For Fashion

11.  Pea Coat

This pink Pea coat is probably the cutest one I’ve ever seen. But any color Pea coat is definitely on my list of “Must Haves” for Fall. I have a white one, but I’m thinking this pink one needs to be added ASAP!

12.  Black Tights

Ah yes, black tights. A staple year round if you ask me. But I’ll definitely be wearing mine more now that it’s fall. Pair your tights with belted big sweaters and of course knee high riding boots or ankle boots and a cute Pea coat like this one.

Lauren Conrad

13.  Infinity Scarf

Again, as with the over-sized scarf, the infinity scarf is sticking around too. And I’m sure you’re with me on this, we’re lovin’ it!!!

14.  Stripes

As with polka dots, stripes have a class associated with them that are usually in the upper regions. You think collegiate or sorority, don’t you? I think they’re pretty darn hot so don’t forget to add them to your look every now and then.

Southern Charm

15.  Leopard Print Flats

One of my favorite “Must Haves”, Leopard print flats. Ahh…they’re just so adorable. Pair them with tights, skinny jeans, slacks, skirts…you name it, these babies look awesome with whatever you wear them with!

The Pleated Poppy

16.  Sweater Coat

If you ask The Hubby, he’d say I have way too many sweater coats. But I say, “When it comes to fashion, is there really ever TOO many of anything?” I think not. So, if you don’t have a sweater coat in your wardrobe, make sure to add one, or several ūüėČ

Beauty Day Lily

17.  Riding Boots

Riding boots are a definite¬†versatile “Must Have” for Fall and winter. There are so many outfits you can wear these little beauties with. Case in point, this great dress and sweater combo, which you can wear while still holding on to the warmer days of summer.

With Gratitude 

18.  Skinny Crop Pant

Skinny crop pants are another favorite of mine. You can just wear them with so many things. But isn’t this outfit below just the cutest?

19.  Sparkly Flat

And last but not least, the sparkly flat. In my opinion, the simple addition of any shoe that has pizzazz…one with a bright color, a bow, some jewels or a sparkly one like below, just takes an outfit one step higher in style. So make sure to add some sparkly flats to your wardrobe as well.

To Brighten My Day

And there you have it, my list of “Must Haves” for Fall. Hope you’ve enjoyed some eye candy and are inspired to add all or some of these beautiful and fun pieces to your wardrobe as well.

PS…if you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out this post as well, The Always Fashionable Sweater‚ĶWhich Also Happens Be OH SO Comfy!

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Malibu Photography Workshop + Fab You Bliss Guest Speaker…ME!

Hey everyone! Are you a photographer looking for an amazing learning opportunity this Fall? Well…you’ve come to the right place because I just so happen to know of a great upcoming workshop you won’t want to miss. Even better, I will be there too!

Yup, I will be speaking at the workshop on behalf of Fab You Bliss discussing how to get published. And I know there are a lot of you out there who want to know more about this because my inbox is filled with all of your questions. So don’t miss out!

The workshop is being put on by my fabulous friend Jessica of Jessica Frey Photography and it includes an elegantly romantic styled wedding shoot with bride and groom models at a multi-million dollar beach front property. There will also be discussions on communicating with clients on the wedding day, how to pose subjects as well as branding and marketing.

So…if you’re a photographer of any level and want to take part in this amazing opportunity, please check out the link.¬†http://www.workshop.jessicafreyphotography.com/

Jessica Frey Photography Malibu Workshop

I really hope to see you there!

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