14 Fabulous Coats For a Pretty Fall & Winter

My memory is terrible, unless fashion is involved…then it’s as vivid as can be. Let me explain…

I don’t remember details from my childhood. It’s like a foggy haze with bits and pieces that come to light every now and then. It’s almost as if I have too much information now and all of it won’t fit. It’s terrible, I know. I think my mom is shocked and maybe a bit saddened when she asks me if I remember something and I unfortunately I don’t.

Clearly I wish it were different. But some things I remember vividly…as if they happened yesterday. Crazy, huh? And most clear memories have something to do with fashion.

There was a bathing suit incident when I was 6 years old, and a pink satin jacket I desperately wanted when I was 8, the fashion show I was in at 9 and then when I was 10…I remember begging my mom for a camel colored double breasted wool knee length coat.

You see…I remember the coat in detail, but there’s no way I could tell you my 10th grade algebra teacher’s name.

Anyhow, it seems fashion has always been something very important to me. So it should be no surprise that I’m always super excited about posts like today’s. And clearly my affinity towards the trench has not gone away given there are several here to choose from.


1. Oversized Denim Biker Jacket


 2. Brown Long Sleeve Zipper Leather Coat

She Inside

3. Red Knee Length Coat with Black Faux Fur Collar

Look at Me

4. Pink Double Breasted Trench

Pink Double Breasted Trench

5. Mustard Duffle coat by Seeun

Dust Jacket Attic

6. Leather Side Zipper Jacket

Wendy’s Lookbook

7. Classic Double Breasted Trench in Khaki


8. Leather Bomber Side Zipper Jacket


9. Zara Zip Coat

Wendy’s Lookbook

10. H&M Wine Colored Biker Zip Jacket (this is on my list!) 

The Pink Peonies

11. Classic Double Breasted Black Trench in Wool


12. Classic Double Breasted Gray Trench

The Blonde Salad

13. Thigh Length Double Breasted Camel Trench


 14. Pink J. Crew Wool Coat

The Pink Peonies

PS…if you haven’t checked out my Looking Forward to Fall post and my 19 Must Haves For Fall, be sure to check them out.

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