Scarves, Scarves, Scarves…Oh Heavenly Scarves!

In my opinion, wearing a scarf transforms an outfit from just pretty to absolutely spectacular with one simple accessory.

I mean…really! Can you imagine any of the outfits below without their scarf? They wouldn’t look as cute without one, would they?

I will find any excuse to wear a scarf, even when it’s hot out…I’ll just simply wear a tank top and a scarf like the third image below. But now that the weather has changed and the temps are dropping, finding a reason to wear a scarf isn’t too hard.

So enjoy the inspiration below and of course…stay pretty and warm!

 Image via Fashion Salade 

 Image via Happily Gray

 Image via Natasha Nicole

Image via Wendy’s Lookbook 

 Image via The Berry

 Image via Jen Hammer 

Image via Sincerely Jules 

 Image via The Pink Peonies

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