How To Make a Unique & Festive Autumn Wreath Out of Plastic Spoons

A few months ago, I came across this Chrysanthemum Mirror on Addicted To Decorating which blog owner Kristi made out of plastic spoons. Genius isn’t it?

But when I first stumbled upon it I was immediately jealous and thought,

“Gosh darn it…why didn’t I think of that?”

Seriously I’m kidding, but kind of not 😉

Anyhow…envy subsided into true appreciation as it often does when I encounter amazing ideas from other bloggers. Crafting is hard work! And then my wheels began to turn for ways in which I could turn her amazing idea into something of my own.

In this situation, I knew I wanted to make a holiday wreath using plastic spoons, but I also knew I wanted to use multiple colors and change the method by constructing a different base and applying the spoons in a unique way. So here’s what I did.

Items You’ll Need

MDF craft board ring
Poster board
Utility knife
Wire cutters
Plastic spoons
Various colors of spray paint
Sanding sponge or sand paper
Decorative ribbon to hang wreath

Step 1: Trace a circle on your poster board about an inch and a half larger to the outside and to the inside of the MDF ring. Use a utility knife to cut out your traced areas.

Step 2:  Use your wire cutters to cut the plastic spoons at the base. Spray paint the spoons whatever color you wish. Let them dry.

Step 3:  Spray paint your poster board circle the colors you’re going to paint your spoons. For example, I painted my spoons brown followed by copper, gold and silver. So I spray painted the circle in the same pattern.

Step 4:  After the paint on your poster board dries, turn the poster board over and tape your MDF craft board ring to the back of it making sure it’s secure. Leave an area on the top back of your wreath un-taped so you can pull your decorative ribbon through later. This way you can change your decorative ribbon to a different color or style later depending on what season of the year it is.

Step 5:  Now it’s time to start gluing your painted spoons onto the poster board. I started gluing from the outside of the poster board in and made one complete row of silver spray painted spoons, then another, followed by the gold, copper and finally the brown.

Step 6:  When you’re done gluing your spoons, stitch pleats into a ribbon long enough to fit around the inside row of your spoons, (the brown ones), like shown in the image below. Then glue the ribbon onto the top-inside area.

Step 7: Finally, you’ll want to slide your decorative ribbon that your going to hang your wreath with through the spot you left open on the back side. The easiest way I found to do this is to leave the wreath flat facing spoons up and pull it towards you so the un-taped area hanging off the table or work area the wreath is sitting on. Make sure you don’t pull the wreath too far as you want it to balance there so you have your hands free to insert and pull your decorative ribbon through the un-taped area on the back of the wreath.

And here it is…a fun and festive autumn wreath you could keep hanging well into winter. I might even keep this one inside!

Pretty isn’t it? I’m thinking a red one would look really cool too!

As always, if you have any questions…please leave me a comment or send me an email.

Thanks for stopping by!


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