How To Make A Pretty & Unique Ombre Bead & Chain Bracelet Like This One

For a while now, I’ve had this chain and these beads in my craft room. But until few days ago, I really didn’t know what I was going to make out of them. Then while working on a different project this past Saturday, a light bulb went off and instantly I knew the supplies were meant to become this bracelet!

Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done.

A long strand of wide link chain at least 21 inches in length. Measure your wrist, add 1/2 inch & times it by 3 to get the exact length.
Beads in 3 color shades to create an “Ombre” look
Beading Thread
Beading Needle

If you don’t already have these supplies, you should be able to find them at any craft supply store. Suggestion…if you can’t find the exact style of chain and beads that I have here, no biggie…just use something similar. There are all kinds of wide link chains and beads out there. Just get something you like and you’ll be golden ūüėČ

Even though making this bracelet is really quite easy, photographing it step by step was not and explaining it is a little lengthy. So bare with me.

Step One: Cut a fairly long strand of beading thread. Then cut three separate strands of your chain, all equal in length. Mine were 7 inches long. But you should measure your wrist and add 1/2 inch to see what an appropriate length should be for you.

The easiest way I can describe how to do this is it’s kind of like hand sewing. However instead of stitching down and through material, you’ll be stitching through a bead and down and through a chain. So yeah…you’ll be sewing a bracelet.

Step Two: Leaving the first link empty, pull your beading thread through your first bead then down and around the connecting point of the next link. You may want to make a couple of passes around the link with your thread to make sure your bead is secure. Repeat the process all the way down the chain stitching each bead into place on your chain. Leave the last link empty. Remember, it’s important to stitch the beads into place so they’re secure, so don’t be shy about making a few passes through each link.

Step Three: Now you’re going to attach your second chain strand by sewing each link side to the next strand link and sew your next color beads in the same way as in step two. The stitch will go, 1. pass through bead, 2. pass around connecting link, 3. pass over, under and back through to attach side by side chain strands together. Then repeat for the entire second color.

Don’t worry if your pattern of stitching the sides together isn’t exactly like mine, you can stitch them together however you like. The important thing is to make sure your beads and chains are secure together and you follow the same pattern of stitching all the way through. When you are finished you will be able to see some of the beading thread, so you want it to look even.

Step Four: Repeat the steps above for your third chain strand.

Step Five: Cut a 3 to 4 inch length of ribbon and weave it through the empty link slots at each end of your bracelet.

Step Six: Slip the bracelet on your wrist and tie the ribbon in a bow. It’s easiest if you have someone else tie the bow ūüėČ

Again, it really is super easy once you get into the swing of it.

Hope you enjoy it!

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