I’m Simply Gushing Over Blush, Cream & Gray

If you read Fab You Bliss on a regular basis you’ll already know I’m a sucker when it comes to blush, cream and gray. So much so when I see a wedding with these colors, (pardon the cliché), but I simply swoon. And the minute I see anything with these hues on Pinterest, I’m pinning like a mad woman. Yes, I’m crazy about this palette. And it seems the stars at the Golden Globes were too…did you see how many of them were wearing blush? It’s like the new black!

Anyhow…here’s a lovely roundup of some gorgeous images in these hues. Enjoy!

Collage Vintage


Modern To Buy


Chinese Laundry – currently only available in Bronze


Socialite Life




Fairytale 13


Marie Claire


Lavish Ville

Pretty stuff, huh?

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