A Beautiful Handcrafted Rustic Rock Vase Made From Something Very Unexpected

Would you believe me if I told you this beautiful vase was handmade from an empty can of Pringles potato chips?

It was!

Are you surprised?

A few months ago when we started planning The Experience workshop, I knew I wanted to do as many handcrafted projects for my inspiration table as possible. And since my theme started going the direction of a sea/beach style, I thought it would be perfect to somehow make some vases that were covered in rocks.

If you’re looking for a rustic vase option for your wedding or perhaps just a pretty vase to display in your home, I highly recommend this project. (FYI, if you’re doing this for your wedding and you’ve chosen fuller flowers, try the project using some Trader Joe’s coffee cans ). They’re made of the same cardboard-ish style container as the Pringles cans so the instructions transfer perfectly, but they’re wider and would hold a more generous amount of flowers.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this vase yourself.

Pringles container
Leak Seal rubber coating
3M Super Spray Adheasive
Paint Brushes
Paper towels
Mod Podge

For the first couple of steps, I suggest you work either outside or in a workshop where you feel comfortable spraying the sealant and glue adhesive.

Step 1: Spray the rubber seal coating inside the can to seal it to prevent water leaks.

Step 2: Turn your can on it’s side and spray a section of glue. Then start placing rocks in a pattern that’s pleasing to you. Repeat this step across the entire can until you’ve completely covered it with rocks. Let dry.

(FYI…if you prefer, you can use tile rocks made for bathroom or kitchen surfaces that are already secured to a netting. You can purchase these from any home improvement store. This would be a huge time saver, but it may be difficult to find the exact kind of rocks you’re looking for. I didn’t do this because the store said I would have to special order small enough rocks and time was an issue.)

Step 3: After your glued rocks have dried, using a knife start spreading on the grout in sections. I layered the grout all the way down the length of the can. Then, before the grout dries, start to rub the grout off as much of the rocks as you can while at the same time pushing the grout in between the rocks. First I rubbed off the grout with a paper towel, then I took some water on a paint brush and brushed around and across the rocks. Then finally I took a moist sponge and rubbed the rocks down again. Repeat this process until you’ve grouted the whole container.

Step 4: Once the grout has dried, (usually after a night), layer the grouted rocks with some Mod Podge to create a shinny surface.

Step 5: When the Mod Podge has dried, fill the container with water and your favorite flowers.

Step 6: Step back and admire your amazing work!

Isn’t it pretty? I made two for The Experience workshop inspiration table, but I’m not showing the actual table images here because those will be shown in a few weeks.

Be sure to check back later to see how the whole table came together!

Thanks for stopping by!

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