An Easter Tea Party Wedding Style You’ll Absolutely Love

A few days ago, I had a bride contact me a in a panic.

“Stephanie! My fiance and I were planning a big, fancy wedding for next year. Unfortunately my grandfather was recently diagnosed with a serious illness and, although we hate to even think it, we have to be prepared that time may not be on our side for him to be with us if we wait.

Long story short, since all of our friends and family will be together anyway and, most importantly, Grandpa is well enough to enjoy the day with us, my fiance and I have decided to turn everything we’ve planned upside down and move the wedding to this coming Easter weekend! Yikes!!!

So…I NEED your help pulling together a great style and quick. Any advice?”

My answer….absolutely my dear!

First off, please accept my sincerest condolences. Having recently lost my father-in-law and several other close family members, I definitely applaud your wish to forgo the big wedding so as to include someone so dear to your heart. Family and relationships are the most important thing after all.

As for the event itself, never fear…you can make a small event just as fabulous as the big, fancy one you were originally planning! In some cases, smaller weddings are sometimes more special because of the intimacy you are able to share.

My first piece of advice, recruit as many close guests as you can to help you pull this together. You’ve heard of the saying, “It takes a village.”? Well, in this case it does.

Now…the easy part, here’s what I see for an Easter tea party wedding style you’ll absolutely love. Mod Cloth has some really cute and bright colored dresses that would be lovely for bridesmaids. Don’t worry about matching, just chooses colors and styles that are complimentary. I love how the orange and aqua dresses above look together. And they’re the perfect style for an Easter tea party theme.

Mix in some golds with your bright color choices. Have the guys wear tan pants, lightly colored shirts with suspenders and pastel, colorful bow-ties. But make sure your fiance looks a little different with either a regular tie of a different color or swap the styles and have him wear the bow tie while his groomsmen wear the regular style tie.

Use gorgeous colorful flowers like Peonies, Ranunculus, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Icelandic Poppies, roses, carnations, and Hydrangeas to name a few. If you’re on a budget and can’t create large arrangements of roses or peonies, use just a few of the expensive choices and mix in some lesser expensive options like carnations and even daisies to fill out your arrangements.

With such little time to pull together this event, harness the creativity of your friends and family in every way possible. Does your best girlfriend have great handwriting? Awesome! Recruit her to write out some cute thank you and other special notes you can scatter across your tables so every guest KNOWS how happy you are they made it to your special day. Don’t worry about the envelopes, just leave the notes outright open and covering all the tables. It’ll be a fun way to let everyone know how much they mean to you.

This cake is perfect for an Easter tea party style wedding. Don’t you think?

Finally, and most important of all, have fun and enjoy your day with all your loved ones. And remember to take time during all of this planning and organizing to enjoy it too…because the journey needs to be celebrated as well.

1. Romantic Peach Wedding Bouquet create by Reverie Events and photographed by Kay English Photography via Wedding Chicks, 2. Keynote Presentable Dress, 3. Just Bike Starting Over Dress, 4. Gold glitter succulent photography by Studio 28 Photo design & styling by The Stylish Soiree via Elizabeth Anne Designs, 5. Succulent Boutonniere photographed by Love Me Sailor via Ruffled, 6. Pastel Striped & Flower Bow Ties via Mixed Plate, 7. Venetian 40153 Cream Vintage Dress, 8. Florwer Lattice Necklace from J. Crew, 9. Simon-Van-Meervenne – model, 10. Gorgeous orange and cream centerpiece photographed by Stacey Hedman via Style Me Pretty , 11. Notecards, 12. Strawberry Lemonade photographed by Lauryn Galloway Photography via Emmaline Bride, 13. French Macaroons via Kara’s Party Ideas, Mason Jars via 100 Layer Cake, 14. Colorful striped cake via Kara’s Party Ideas, 15. Summer outdoor party designed by Mindy Weiss via Rue Magazine, 16. Mojito recipe via A Cup of Mai

I hope this has given you a great springboard for inspiration. The bottom line is this is all about family and loved ones, so I know whatever you do it will be amazing!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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