Spring Has Sprung + Some Handcrafted, At Home Fresh Flower Arrangements

With just a week into spring, pretty flowers are a-blooming all over the place here in Southern California. I hope they are where you are too!

Like most of you, in addition to admiring the beauty of nature outside…I’m a huge fan of displaying blooms inside the house as well.

Unfortunately, buying arrangements as much as I’d like can get really expensive. So…I’m always trying to use whatever’s growing in my yard.

Of course, I’m not a professional florist. But I do know what I like. And I’m not afraid to experiment. So whether you’re a bride looking to DIY your wedding flowers or a couple looking to spruce up your home with more decorating “love”, while I may do some things unconventionally, I hope you’ll gain some inspiration from these flower arranging tutorials.

Whether you are buying fresh cut flowers from your local farmers market or florist, or picking them from your yard like I’m showing here today, the first thing you should do is select the style of vase you want to use. In future posts I’ll go into detail on how the various types of vases will affect the look of your arrangements. For now, just keep in mind how the size and shape of your vase will best enhance whatever flowers you’ve chosen.

For me, we have a plethora of lavender growing all around our side yard. So I knew I wanted to cut bunches of them to put together into one lovely arrangement. To keep the spears high above the top of the vase and give it a cool visual, I decided to add the small rocks to the bottom of the vase. Pretty, huh? The Hubby thought so…that was the first thing he mentioned when he saw them.

Next up, I wanted to create a larger “wild flower-ish” arrangement of various flowers growing around the yard. Another flower we have all over our yard is the Rhaphiolepis Indica, or ‘Pink Lady’. Pink Ladies have dark green, thick foliage and they produce clusters of pink flowers that bloom in spring and black fruit in the fall. We also have some daisies and yellow China Mums out front which I cut a few blooms from. When creating an arrangement like this, look for larger blooms to place in the middle and surround them with fillers like the Pink Ladies and Daisies.

To keep the stems from flopping around too much, I put tape across the top of the vase to create a sectioned area for several flower stems to rest together. Noting too fancy and not scientific at all, I just eye balled what I thought would work best.

Then I placed the flowers into the vase in a carefree fashion, as if they were just a bunch of wildflowers growing together in the yard. Pretty, huh?

I’m planning on some more flower arranging posts in the future, so be sure to check back.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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