Young Home Love: Clean, White & Pretty…A Lovely & Simple Design For Your Young Home

When you’re just starting out as a couple in a home together, either before marriage or after, coming up with ideas for how to decorate may be challenging.

Never fear though…that’s why I post these “Young Home Love” features…to give you a springboard of inspiration to hopefully bulldoze through any roadblocks that may be preventing you from designing the space of your dreams.

Of course I know a lot of you are in homes that may be rented or are temporary and you don’t want to put money into such space. That’s okay too. With a white palette like the rooms shown here, just a little paint and a few accessories will get you all done up in no time at all!


Interior Stockholm

Christine Markatos

Cote de Texas

Style Files

Source not found (anyone?)

Beach Brights

Alvhem Makleir & Interior


Decor Pad

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…you’re saying, “We don’t have the budget to make our place look like these images”.

But…you don’t need to do everything that’s done here. Just take inspiration. Add a few accent pieces that appeal to you. Paint the room or add a fun light bulb chandelier.

There’s so much fun in decorating. So take a dive in and enjoy! And be sure to stop back by for more inspiration.

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