Green Weddings: Styling Your Intimate Wedding With Details You Can Later Use As Home Decor

I’ve long been a proponent of styling your wedding with details you can decorate your new home with. And doing so is much easier if you have a small celebration. Not to mention more Eco-friendly all around.

Here are some ideas to help those interested in having a small wedding, decorate it and your new home at the same time.

Almost all of the vases, hurricanes and votives we have decorating our home are from our wedding. Actually, most were ‘hand-me-downs’ from our friends’ wedding held a couple months before ours.

Thanks Kellie and Scott!

Honestly, I have not had to buy a single decor item in nearly six years. Now that’s Eco-friendly!

The point I’m trying to make is, even if you’re not the crafty type…you can still buy items such as the ones pictured below and your wedding stylist or floral designer can create something fabulous. Then when the party is done, you can have someone collect all the items so you can use them to decorate your new home. Of course, there will be some items that go home with people…guests do like to take centerpieces home with them. And that’s okay. You’ll end up with more than enough, I promise.

Here’s a tip so you don’t end up with multiples of the same object. Try to mix different styles that compliment each other.

Here’s something unique to think about. What about having your guests dine on settings you’ve purchased for your home? I really LOVE this idea. Again, this will typically only work if you’re having a small wedding. And if you are…the options are endless.

Take a look at the pictured examples below from West Elm’s Blog. Now imagine your 30 to 40 person wedding with 3 or 4 ten piece place settings all mixed and matched like so. This is a really fun idea for the couple who plans on doing a lot of post wedding entertaining. And a really great, Eco-friendly plan as well!

We’ve discussed plant and herb favors before, but not centerpiece options. I think this is another wonderful idea for the culinary pair or couple with a ‘green thumb’. The palette is clean and pretty for your table, and you get something you can use for hopefully long after the “I Dos”.

PS…if you choose an option like this, you may want to put a little note inside the plant or herb saying something like,

“For the bride & groom to start their garden with”

Or a version of that so your guests know not to take them home.

Paper lanterns and white lights are a party thrower’s must haves!

If you’re the entertaining couple, then buying as many of these as you can for your wedding will be a sound investment indeed.

And don’t worry, even if your home is space challenged, these items don’t take up much room at all. Simply flatten and/or wrapped up and store them in a closet or under a bed. And you’re good to go.

This is another idea I adore. How about using a letter for each table instead of numbers?

Think of a word or words that have meaning to you. Do you have the word? Now use each letter of the word for one of your tables. The word could be your last name, or a special place for you and your fiance, or a common word like family or home that when put back together and displayed as art, will have even more meaning for you.

Let your mind really wander with what you could use for materials. You could use painted wood letters, wrap letters with fabric or cover with scrap book paper. Tile letters you can find in any hardware store is another idea or create lighted sign letters like the ones shown in Ryan Murphy’s home below. The possibilities are endless!

Monograms are another item which are really popular for wedding details. And of the list, these would be the easiest to achieve without too much trouble. Think about all the different ways you could display your monogram at your wedding that could then be a decorative item in or around your home. Again, the ideas are endless.

And if you’re having any trouble coming up with ideas…simply open up Pinterest and search for monograms. You’ll be set for a least a few hours of ideas to search through. I also have a really cool tutorial for a letter made from wine corks that could work for the above table letter option, or this one, as well.

Finally, if you have a yard or an entryway where you could display the arch of Chuppah used in your ceremony…wouldn’t that be the most fabulous keepsake? Just think, you could plant flowers or vines to grow up and around it and watch it flourish year after year as your marriage does as well.

Images: VASES, HURRICANES & OTHER GLASS: JoBlake, source not found, Place Settings & Glassware: West Elm’s Blog, PLANTS & HERBS: Colorado Couture Wedding, PAPER LANTERNS & WHITE LIGHTS: Jennifer Kloss Photography, Lisa Lefkowitz via Snippet & Ink , LETTERS AS TABLE NUMBERS: Alexey Kurdrik via Hatunot Blog, Bonnie Sen via Style Me Pretty, Ryan Murphy’s Beverly Hills Home via The Hollywood Reporter, Sweet Pickle Designs Co, MONOGRAM LETTERS: Amanda Julca via Project Wedding, ARCHES & CHUPPAHS: Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty, Raya Carlisle Photography via Style Me Pretty

As much as I love all of our Eco-chic posts, I think this has been one of my favorites so far. Why? Because with a little bit of planning you could create an amazing detail filled wedding that won’t be wasteful but rather decorate your home and bring you enjoyment for years to come.

Now I call that an Eco-friendly win, win!

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