Believe Holiday Blocks and Chalkboard Christmas Trees Tutorial

I often get inspiration for craft projects by looking at magazines or catalogs. This is how the “Believe” blocks idea came about. And the chalkboard trees came by thinking what would look nice with the blocks. This believe holiday blocks and chalkboard Christmas trees tutorial was a fun project and it was a big hit at Thanksgiving. So I hope it will be a big hit in your house too.

FYI…if you’re looking for ideas for your wedding, creating simple blocks like these to spell out something would be fun and very inexpensive. Think about something you’d like to have decorate your home after the wedding. A nice message or perhaps your names would be lovely to decorate your mantel or a book shelf and it would be a built in conversation piece when you have guests over.

Another thing to mention, basically this is two tutorials in one. You can split them up and just do the blocks or just the trees, or do both like I’ve shown here.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (1)


For The Trees
Cardboard or poster board
Masking or painters tape
Chalkboard spray paint, (or whatever color paint you desire)
Chalk or paint
At least 3 different holiday scrapbook papers

For The Believe Blocks
Wood planks or blocks, different sizes
Masking or painters tape
Red spray paint
Chalk or paint

STEP ONE The Chalkboard Trees

To make the trees, you need a few large pieces of cardboard or poster board. I made three trees, one large, one medium and one small. Each tree is made the same way, just with smaller dimensions than the other. Below is the pattern to make the trees. I don’t have exact dimensions as I didn’t want this tutorial to be too technical. Basically you decide the sizes you want to make by drawing the image below in different sizes. The important thing to remember is to keep each side of your piece the same size so your tree comes out balanced.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (2)


This is what my trees looked like taped up prior to applying the paint.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (3)


Paint your trees outside or in a well ventilated area using spray paint. I chose to paint my trees with black chalkboard spray paint, but you can paint them whatever color you want.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (7)


After the paint on your trees has dried, chalk, or paint if you like, in lines for your pennant flag banner.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (8)


Cut little triangles from your favorite holiday scrapbook paper to create the flags for your pennant flag banner.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (9)


Glue your flags onto your tress in whatever fashion you like.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (10)

STEP ONE Believe Blocks

These blocks are really fun. I got my wood pieces from Michael’s Craft Supply, but you can get similar pieces by going to your local home improvement store and ask if they have wood scraps. Construction sites are another good option if you’re looking for free pieces of wood. Just make sure your ask permission from whoever’s in charge.

Some of my wood pieces are of different thickness and I think it came out nice. To get the same look, no matter what you’re spelling out, the important thing is to vary the shapes of each block, but create a pattern. As you can see I have 3 long rectangle blocks for the B, the L and the V. There are also 2 square blocks for two of the Es. And finally there are the thicker, small rectangle blocks created for the I and E.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (4)


To create the stencils I measured the blocks and found a font within Photoshop that I liked. Then I printed up the letters on regular paper, cut them out and taped each to the blocks using double sided sticky tape.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (5)


Tape the sides of your blocks before painting as well.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (6)


Again in a well ventilated area, spray paint the face of your blocks.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (12)


After your blocks have dried, remove the side tape and paper stencils. You will probably notice some paint bleed into your letters. But don’t worry, you can cover it with chalk or paint. I chose to fill in my letters with white chalk, but paint would work as well.

Holiday DIY Tutorial (13)


I chose a sitting area window to place the believe blocks with a table underneath for the chalkboard trees. Decorate with pine cones, garland and lights and you’re done!

Holiday DIY Tutorial (14)

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