How To Hand-Make a Fabric Flower Accessory

I love cardigans. I probably have one in every color and all sorts of lengths from long to short and everything in between. Some I’ve had for years…so long I’m almost embarrassed to admit how long. And even though I love them all, I sometimes think it would be fun to change up their style a bit to make them feel new again.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I think these little cuties would be a perfect addition to a bride’s or bridesmaid’s cardigan if you’re the kind who’d like to hand-make some things for your wedding. The best thing about these is that after they’re made, they’re just pinned on…so you can take them off and put them on other sweaters or shirts as well.

What You’ll Need

All-Purpose Pins
Sewing Machine
Matching Thread
Fabric Glue (or Needle & Thread)
Safety Pin


You can use any kind of fabric you want. As you can see, the first one I did here I used a chiffon. Cut your fabric. The length and width to cut really depends on how big you want the flower. The chiffon one above was 35 inches, but the length I cut for the other two and for this tutorial was 20 inches and the width was 3 inches. I wouldn’t cut any shorter than that, but if you want a bigger flower…go as long as you like.


Fold the fabric in half like so. (If you’re using chiffon, you don’t need to do this step. But make sure your fabric isn’t going to fray.)


Fold in a pleat and pin every inch or so the full length of the fabric.


Before you sew along the bottom edge, be sure to turn each end’s fabric inward so the rough edges are no longer exposed. Sew along bottom line to secure in place.


Start spreading the fabric glue in sections and fold over one edge of the fabric piece to start creating the flower shape. Repeat all the way through until flower is formed. (If you’d rather hand-stitch this part instead of using fabric glue, which is what I did for the chiffon one, by all means stitch away. It’s the same process. Roll, stitch in place, then roll again, stitch in place and repeat all the way through.)


If you are gluing, be sure to let the glue dry completely before you move onto the next roll and after the flower is formed. By now your flower should resemble something like this.


After the glue has dried completely, take your safety pin and pin from the inside of your sweater through to secure the fabric flower in place.

And there you have it!

Aren’t they cute? Don’t worry, the back side of the flower isn’t going to look pretty. If you’re the type who’d like to make it look pretty, next week I’ll have another tutorial to show other ways in which this flower can be accomplished as well.

For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this!

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My Office Remodel…On a Very Tight Budget

If you’ve been following Fab You Bliss for a while or know me personally, you’ll know the renovation of my office has been in the works, (mainly “on-hold”), for about two years.

Construction is not cheap, you know? And like most of you, since we’re not made of money, priorities like the house mortgage, car and insurance payments, gas, groceries, etc., have trumped over my desperate want this new office space. And even though I’ve dreamt about it and pictured myself working in it on more than one occasion, I knew it had to stay on the back burner.

For any of you who work from home, you know how important it is to have a place to call your office. To boot…I’m the type of person who has difficulty shutting down the work day in general. But when my office is mixed in with the living room and kitchen as it is now and has been for the last two years, closing the proverbial “office door” makes it much more difficult.

But…wait for it…the time has come to once again pick back up with the project and finally get my much dreamt about little work space done!

If you’re interested in what I have planned for my very economical dream office, come have a look…

The Design Files

The colors of the office above are pretty much what I’m going for. But the main reason I’m showing this image is for the desk. I LOVE it! So, The Hubby’s going to put on his “tool-belt” and build me one just like it. Woohoo! And…to make it more “me”, I have some artwork I’ve done that I’m going to stencil in very lightly onto the top. It’s going to be super pretty!

Benjammin Moore Shades of Gray

I know for sure I want the walls to be a light gray with a whitish-cream trim and molding, so I’m leaning towards the Pearl River shade above.

House and Home

Originally the plan was to purchase wood floors like we have in the rest of the house. But since our budget is pretty much non-existent, we’ve opted to remove the carpet and clean up and stain the concrete floors to look like the kitchen floor above. Pretty, huh?

Cutback Dining Chair Cape Cod Stripe

In addition to my desk, I really want a couple of guest chairs for whenever I have client meetings. My ideal chairs were something like $600 a piece and were absolutely gorgeous. But these pretty alternatives from Target will do the trick at a fraction of the price.

1. Marika Meyer Interiors 2. Antique Ivory Shade and Crystal Semi-Flush Ceiling Light, 3. Agent Bauer, 4. IKEA Hackers

I’m really diggin’ on all the details in the above inspiration board. I know for sure I’m going to purchase the ceiling mount chandelier from Lamps Plus, which is very reasonably priced and I’m thinking about DIYing a dresser in the same fashion as the bottom image to use for storage. The rest of these images are for detail inspiration and I love them all!

Modern Cottage

My office is attached to a very large room that used to be our game room. Unfortunately there are no doors separating the game room from my office. So I came up with the brilliant idea of picking up some old French doors from a construction salvage store. But, instead of installing the doors to open and close in a normal French door fashion, I’m going to install them in a barn style sliding fashion like the image above. Of all the projects I have going, I seriously can’t wait to see this one come to fruition.

Itsy Bits and Pieces

Finally, we are turning the closet part of the room into a storage/printer/scanner/bookshelf area. And although I don’t plan on closing the area off with curtains, I am going to install some linen ones, with a lovely blush flower bow, like above…just to give the area a prettier, more feminine look.

There are tons more that I have planned, but you’ll have to wait until I’m further along to see what they are. All I know is I’m super excited things have progressed this far. I’m definitely seeing a peek of light at the end of the tunnel and I can’t wait to share it with you :-)

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Spring Has Sprung + Some Handcrafted, At Home Fresh Flower Arrangements

With just a week into spring, pretty flowers are a-blooming all over the place here in Southern California. I hope they are where you are too!

Like most of you, in addition to admiring the beauty of nature outside…I’m a huge fan of displaying blooms inside the house as well.

Unfortunately, buying arrangements as much as I’d like can get really expensive. So…I’m always trying to use whatever’s growing in my yard.

Of course, I’m not a professional florist. But I do know what I like. And I’m not afraid to experiment. So whether you’re a bride looking to DIY your wedding flowers or a couple looking to spruce up your home with more decorating “love”, while I may do some things unconventionally, I hope you’ll gain some inspiration from these flower arranging tutorials.

Whether you are buying fresh cut flowers from your local farmers market or florist, or picking them from your yard like I’m showing here today, the first thing you should do is select the style of vase you want to use. In future posts I’ll go into detail on how the various types of vases will affect the look of your arrangements. For now, just keep in mind how the size and shape of your vase will best enhance whatever flowers you’ve chosen.

For me, we have a plethora of lavender growing all around our side yard. So I knew I wanted to cut bunches of them to put together into one lovely arrangement. To keep the spears high above the top of the vase and give it a cool visual, I decided to add the small rocks to the bottom of the vase. Pretty, huh? The Hubby thought so…that was the first thing he mentioned when he saw them.

Next up, I wanted to create a larger “wild flower-ish” arrangement of various flowers growing around the yard. Another flower we have all over our yard is the Rhaphiolepis Indica, or ‘Pink Lady’. Pink Ladies have dark green, thick foliage and they produce clusters of pink flowers that bloom in spring and black fruit in the fall. We also have some daisies and yellow China Mums out front which I cut a few blooms from. When creating an arrangement like this, look for larger blooms to place in the middle and surround them with fillers like the Pink Ladies and Daisies.

To keep the stems from flopping around too much, I put tape across the top of the vase to create a sectioned area for several flower stems to rest together. Noting too fancy and not scientific at all, I just eye balled what I thought would work best.

Then I placed the flowers into the vase in a carefree fashion, as if they were just a bunch of wildflowers growing together in the yard. Pretty, huh?

I’m planning on some more flower arranging posts in the future, so be sure to check back.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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Handcrafted Wedding Signs You Can Turn Into “Young Home Decor”

My love of handcrafted items runs deep! My sincerest hope is yours does too.

I’m guessing if you’re here, it does…and that makes me happy!

Whether you’re an experienced Craft-ddess, (that’s Craft & Goddess combined) or a newbie just tip-toeing into the handcrafted world, I’m always doing my best to come up with as many cool ideas for you as I can.

This week I thought I’d share some handcrafted ideas you can make for your wedding that will serve as newlywed home decor after your wedding as well.
This is a little thing I like to call…

Young Home Decor

Here’s what I mean. Check out these cute Mr. & Mrs. signs below…

Image via Michaela Rae

Image via Shodalove

Cute, huh?

Well…not only would they make pretty and fun signs for your chairs or other reception decor during your wedding, but you can turn such burlap or other fabric signs into pillows to display on your bed, couches or chairs after your wedding.

If pillows aren’t your thing, you could frame
and hang them on your walls as sentimental artwork.
Now isn’t that fun?

Images via Seth and Kait 

Another idea you could do is decorate a special sign with pretty artwork or a meaningful message like one of these below…

Photography from Jose Villa via Elizabeth Ann Designs


Using signs like these for your sign-in table during the wedding, directional signs or sweet signs showing your “big day” date and a fun message like above can then be re purposed to decorate your entry way or garden or wherever.

We have some of our wedding vows printed on plank boards which adorn a window frame and another wedding message hand painted on our entry area rug. These are really easy handcrafted projects, yet they mean so much and create such splendidly, meaningful decor. You can’t buy special like this!

Handcrafted items like these are priceless and adorable and they also create great conversation pieces for any guests who visit your home.

Clearly I love stuff like this, maybe too much! But if you’re like me, and I’m guessing you are, these ideas probably sound fun to you too!

So get to thinking…what can you make for your wedding that will be unique and could serve as your “Young Home Decor” after the wedding as well?

The options are endless!

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A Beautiful Handcrafted Rustic Rock Vase Made From Something Very Unexpected

Would you believe me if I told you this beautiful vase was handmade from an empty can of Pringles potato chips?

It was!

Are you surprised?

A few months ago when we started planning The Experience workshop, I knew I wanted to do as many handcrafted projects for my inspiration table as possible. And since my theme started going the direction of a sea/beach style, I thought it would be perfect to somehow make some vases that were covered in rocks.

If you’re looking for a rustic vase option for your wedding or perhaps just a pretty vase to display in your home, I highly recommend this project. (FYI, if you’re doing this for your wedding and you’ve chosen fuller flowers, try the project using some Trader Joe’s coffee cans ). They’re made of the same cardboard-ish style container as the Pringles cans so the instructions transfer perfectly, but they’re wider and would hold a more generous amount of flowers.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this vase yourself.

Pringles container
Leak Seal rubber coating
3M Super Spray Adheasive
Paint Brushes
Paper towels
Mod Podge

For the first couple of steps, I suggest you work either outside or in a workshop where you feel comfortable spraying the sealant and glue adhesive.

Step 1: Spray the rubber seal coating inside the can to seal it to prevent water leaks.

Step 2: Turn your can on it’s side and spray a section of glue. Then start placing rocks in a pattern that’s pleasing to you. Repeat this step across the entire can until you’ve completely covered it with rocks. Let dry.

(FYI…if you prefer, you can use tile rocks made for bathroom or kitchen surfaces that are already secured to a netting. You can purchase these from any home improvement store. This would be a huge time saver, but it may be difficult to find the exact kind of rocks you’re looking for. I didn’t do this because the store said I would have to special order small enough rocks and time was an issue.)

Step 3: After your glued rocks have dried, using a knife start spreading on the grout in sections. I layered the grout all the way down the length of the can. Then, before the grout dries, start to rub the grout off as much of the rocks as you can while at the same time pushing the grout in between the rocks. First I rubbed off the grout with a paper towel, then I took some water on a paint brush and brushed around and across the rocks. Then finally I took a moist sponge and rubbed the rocks down again. Repeat this process until you’ve grouted the whole container.

Step 4: Once the grout has dried, (usually after a night), layer the grouted rocks with some Mod Podge to create a shinny surface.

Step 5: When the Mod Podge has dried, fill the container with water and your favorite flowers.

Step 6: Step back and admire your amazing work!

Isn’t it pretty? I made two for The Experience workshop inspiration table, but I’m not showing the actual table images here because those will be shown in a few weeks.

Be sure to check back later to see how the whole table came together!

Thanks for stopping by!

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