FYB Is Looking For An Intern…Could It Be YOU?

There are lots of great things happening here at Fab You Bliss. And that means we are growing! That being said, I’m looking to add a new Intern! Could it be you?

Illustration Above via Inslee

This position will be heavily involved in social media marketing including, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Google+. Some feature content preparation and assistance with inspiration shoots may be involved as well. Applicants should be energetic, fun, creative, self motivated, flexible, willing to learn, able to multi-task, and have a strong work ethic. A tenacious passion for weddings, fashion, and handmade crafts will definitely help you succeed in this role. Also, a sense of style that is similar to mine will be a huge plus. Please view my style posts located here on FYB and my Pinterest account to compare your style to mine. Applicants should possess a general knowledge about social media strategies and how to improve an organization’s presence. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in blogging or digital publishing and be excited about learning how to build, grow, and manage an online presence. A background or study in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, E-Business, or New Media is preferred, but not required.

1. Training and hands-on experience in all elements of social media marketing and growing an online presence.
2. A fun environment where pretty inspiration is what drives the day.
3. The opportunity to hang out with this cute doggy for several hours a week.

4. Learn the ins and outs of the wedding publishing world
5. The opportunity to help put together inspiration shoots and pitch, plan and bring to fruition style, craft and wedding features
6. The potential to grow into a paid position. The right person will make it hard for me to let them go!

Things to know…

This is a 3 month unpaid internship
The position will require presence at Fab You Bliss’s office in Ventura, California 2 to 3 days a week, with the possibility of some remote work considered for the right candidate.

If this sounds like you, please send your resume and cover letter to stephanie@fabyoubliss.com. If you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity, please forward them this post, post it to your Facebook page, Tweet it, email it, etc., whatever you can do to help find the right person for this position, your help is much appreciated.

PS…if you haven’t checked out the works of uber talented Inslee, the artist who did the drawing above, please check out and support her work. Personally, I’m in love with it all…especially her note cards!

Thanks for stopping by!

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A Sweet Eco Friendly Couple & Their Picnic Style Shoot

One of my new favorite photographers, Michelle of Michelle Girard Photography, sent over this Eco-Chic Wedding Inspiration Shoot which I featured last week. Today I’m thrilled to bring you another one of her pretty sessions.

Marcie and Brian, who modeled for Michelle in the previous wedding shoot, are actually married. Although, when they had their wedding, Marcie had a difficult time finding a wedding gown that lined up with her beliefs as an environmentally conscious person. Soon after their wedding though, she started Celia Grace, a wedding gown brand that ties together her dedication to international development, empowering women, protecting the environment, and making weddings more meaningful and beautiful. And what a beautiful company it is.

As in the previous shoot, Marcie is wearing one of her amazing company’s dresses here. And doesn’t it look amazing? I think so, especially with her fabulous boots and Michelle’s Goldendoodle puppy Bailey sitting along side them. And you all know how much I love me some doggies. Especially when it’s a Goldendoodle since our Quinley is one too!

Photographer: Michelle Girard Photography

Hair Stylist: Jennifer McClendon

Event Planner: Eutopia Events

Dress: Celia Grace

Floral Designer: LaSalle Florists

Other: Prosperity Candle

Makeup Artist: Makeup Artistry by Liz

Submission via Two Bright Lights

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Exquisite Mint & Gold Wedding Inspiration

It’s been a mint colored few weeks here on FYB. And I love it!

A couple weeks ago I shared this mint reader request. Tuesday of this week I posted this mint fashion feature. And today I have more mint for you in the form of this exquisite mint and gold wedding inspiration.

That’s right. I found this mint and gold table setting and thought, “Ooooohh, that would make an outstanding color palette to design a wedding around.” Do you agree?

Look at how cute these mismatched bridesmaids dresses from Etsy AtelierSignature.


And I’m simply gaga over this gorgeous table setting!

Pepper Nix Photography via Ruffled

The softness of this cake is just beautiful.

The Art of The Wedding Cake by Erica O Brien

So lovely. I can see so many other details forming around this look. What about you?

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Style Options For a Mint, Yellow, Blue-Gray & Tan Chevron Wedding

After last week’s sweet and fun letter from a bride who needed help styling her NY barn wedding, I’ve received a ton of other similar requests from couple’s looking for help with their weddings as well. I love it! You know I’m more than happy to help. So today I have another bride looking for style advice.

Monica wrote in to say how much she loves the chevron pattern. I’m right there with you Monica! She also included the image of the cake below and said she’d really like to design her wedding around this cake. How fun is that?

So let’s make it happen!

First thing’s first, you need to pick your dress. Pretty much everything revolves around the tone of your dress. So it should be one of the first items you choose. If you love the chevron pattern, you will love this dress by Henry Roth. I adore the color of this dress as well as I think it really compliments the cake you like so much.

Next up, this bouquet would be a lovely bunch to pattern all the floral arrangements after.

Photograph by Studio Choo via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Image via Oh So Beautiful Paper

This paper suite with it’s chevron pattern and colors of mint-green, blue-gray and tan are a beautiful combination from which you can draw inspiration for items like the bridesmaid’s dresses or the groomsmen’s attire and also other decorative details for the ceremony and reception.

Personally I love the look of all different colored and styled dresses for the bridesmaids, but if you lean more towards a traditional style where all the maids match, pick yellow or mint and let your girls choose a style that fits best for their body type.

All dresses are from Dessy

Images From top left to right:  1. Ceremony location via Fab You Bliss, 2. Pinwheels via Life Created, 3. Chevron chalkboard sign via Lo Boheme, 4. Chevron gift bags via Shop Tom Kat, 5. Table set-up via On To Baby

With the browns in the stationery and the twigs coming out of the cake, I think dark brown chairs like the ones shown above for the ceremony and reception would be ideal. I also love the idea of using chalkboards displaying the chevron pattern, cute pinwheels, gift bags and a simple set table with a pretty chevron runner like shown above.

This tie and boutonniere combo would be perfect for the groom or groomsmen and the chevron printed succulent escorts are my favorite. I always love an escort/guest gift that combines as one!

1. Groomsmen attire via Elizabeth Anne Designs, 2. Succulent escorts via Yes Please Blog 

What do you think?

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Now Accepting Wedding Films + A Call For Submissions From My Home Country of Iceland

As a business owner and purveyor of all things pretty, crafty and stylish, I’m always looking for new ways to provide the best experience for you when you come to visit Fab You Bliss. That’s my job. And even though I take it quite seriously, I always want you to be happy and have fun with what you find here. And what’s more fun than seeing some great short films every now and then, right?

Yep, I’ve been toying with the idea of bringing you more wedding films for a while, I just haven’t gotten around to getting the site ready and putting the word out…until now. So I’m really excited to finally announce that FYB is now accepting wedding, engagement and inspiration shoot films with or without accompanying images!

So…if you’re a film or videographer and you’d like your work to be featured here, please contact me at stephanie@fabyoubliss.com with your submission.

Also…this is a bit more personal but it does tie in with the blog so bare with me. I am Icelandic. Not full, but a good portion of the family on my mother’s side is from Iceland. So much so that we are probably related to most of the country that still lives there. In fact, I’ve been told that when I have the opportunity to visit, I don’t need to worry about lodging as we have family all over the island who would be delighted to host us for our stay.

Pretty neat, huh?

So how does this tie into the blog you may ask? Well, after some searching around, I realized I haven’t seen too many weddings from my home land or even other Nordic countries. Why? I’m not sure, but I’d like to change that.

So…in addition to now accepting wedding and wedding related films, I’m also putting a call out for Nordic and Scandinavian weddings, engagement sessions, and inspiration shoots as well. My preference is to feature weddings and shoots from Iceland of course, but I’m open to ones from Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden as well. Also, I would love to feature events from the actual countries, but if you have a wedding held here in the United States or elsewhere where the theme is Nordic or Scandinavian in nature…I’m definitely still interested in seeing it!

Of course I’ll still be featuring all kinds of weddings as I have been since the start of Fab You Bliss. I’m just adding a special call-out to hopefully start featuring weddings from where I come from.

1. Pretty Chic Blog , 2. Nordica Wedding Photography via Style Me Pretty, 3. Unknown Source , 4. Cake Central 5. Icelandic Horse on the Run by Dave Wright 6. Kyle Hale via Pretty Chic Blog 7. & 8. Rowell Photography, 9. Iceland Wedding Photo Bragi Thor Professional Photographer

What do you think? Fun stuff, huh?

And to get you in the mood for all the beauty that is Iceland, here’s a great “Come visit Iceland” film you shouldn’t miss.

So turn up the volume, sit back and get ready to smile. We Icelanders are a silly bunch…

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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Extra, Extra…Saturday Wedding Special: A Message To a Bully + Some Gorgeous Wedding Goodness From Around The Interwebs

I had an awful day yesterday! Usually I try to stay as positive as possible with what I post here. But the fact is…life isn’t always perfect and I don’t want to pretend it is here. As much as we all wish we could avoid it entirely, conflict can worm its way into even the most well meaning person’s life.

Nicole Ryan Photography via Style Me Pretty

So why was my day so horrible you may ask? Well…I had a run-in with a bully. This person was rude and harassing as a way to try to get what he wanted. Even more irritating, he acted as if he was an authority on legal issues pertaining to running my business, which he clearly knows nothing about.

There was much more to it than that, but I won’t get into details because it’s not worth my time…or yours.

But I will say this to the bully, you know who you are. The truth is, you didn’t win. Not by a long shot. I simply prefer not to have my happy life any further burdened by someone as jerky and clearly as unhappy as you. Period!


On that happy note, let’s change the subject.

Isn’t the above image the cutest thing you’ve seen? I had to post it because one…you know how much I love me some doggies. And two…any wedding including a dog is pretty dang awesome in my book!

Also, awesome in the wedding world was this fantastic feature by Floridan Weddings all about Dressing The Groom

Shea Christine Photography via Ruffled

Like many, I’ve always been drawn to Vincent Van Gogh’s work. Partly because when I was a little girl my closest friends nick-named me Iris because they thought I had sparkly eyes. And since one of Van Gogh’s most famous works is called Irises…well, I was always a fan. But Stary Night is another favorite and it is for a reader of Burnett’s Boards who requested this Starry Night Inspiration board for her wedding.

Cris from Kiss My Tulle also posted this great post on how not all weddings have to be extravagant affairs.

And finally, The Budget Savvy Bride brought us Blooms on a Budget

And there you have it. Be sure to check out these great posts if you haven’t already.

And as always…thanks for stopping by!

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The Girly Girl in Me…On Fire…with a Bullhorn

HUGE Confession…I’m a girly girl fashionista trapped inside the body of super casual, some would say overly “au naturel” lady. That’s right. Full disclosure…I don’t have a closet full of fabulous clothes and accessories and I’m not much for wearing loads of makeup. That’s probably why I love writing this blog so much, because it’s my opportunity to vicariously live in the world of fabulously pretty things I can’t always have.

That’s okay though…if it’s inspiration for me, I’m guessing it’s inspiration for you as well and that’s my main goal. Take this very soft pastel wedding inspiration board for instance. This is another dream wedding palette I would love to duplicate if I had a wedding do-over. I imagine a spring wedding in a garden somewhere like maybe a botanical reserve, flower farm or an estate with lush flowing grounds. But rather than the typical evening soirée, I would plan a mid to late morning ceremony. The feel would be very romantic with soft pastels and lush flowers like blush roses, dahlias, peonies and hydrangeas. There would be a brunch reception and I’d incorporate all kinds of fun games or activities like croquet, bocce ball and Badminton for the guests to enjoy while lounging and enjoying the property for the rest of the day. Then there’d be a cocktail party to wrap up the event, which of course would require I change into another gorgeous dress of some sort, right?

So yeah…as of right now, that would be my perfect wedding if I had a do over. And here’s how I envision it would look.

1. Roberto Valenzuela Photography via Style Me Pretty, 2. Martha Stewart Weddings, 3. Paige Reaux Photography via 100 Layer Cake, 4. Lane Dittoe via Wedding Chicks 5. Marianne Taylor Photography via Girly Wedding , 6. Erica Beckman of Clean Plate Pictures via 100 Layer Cake 7. Katie Scott of SWOON by Katie Ruffled, 8. & 9. Paige Reaux Photography via 100 Layer Cake

If you’re a bride who needs a little help with ideas, feel free to send me an email as I’d love to live vicariously through you too with an inspiration board like this!

Thanks for stopping by!

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